CJP Mapping Module

CJP response map

Responses to the census could come from a state government providing statewide data, regional offices covering multiple counties, single counties, or even municipalities. This meant researchers had to tailor outreach for each jurisdiction.

The Challenge

With 51 state governments and more than 3,100 counties to account for, how could project managers quickly get an overview of responses and identify where resources were needed?

The Solution

As part of the administrative back-end, Luminosa built an extensive real-time mapping module to give researchers instant snapshots of survey response progress with links view reports and communicate with respondents. A clickable US map drills down to state maps that display response status for each county. This feature enabled the outreach team to focus resources in areas where response lagged, leading directly to higher response rates and more useful data.

We also developed similar maps to highlight response rates by population densities, helping researchers get the most balanced return from high-, middle-, and low-density areas.

Maps are generated in Flash for browsers with that capability and HTML5/Javascript for others and can be exported for use in documents and presentations or printed from the browser. In addition, colors and legend can be customized by the user.