Cochrane for Constituents: Social & Health Mapping

Poverty quartiles in Virginia

To launch the Cochrane for Con­situents project at the Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy at GMU, Luminosa developed a web application showing social and health data for each county in Virginia.

The Challenge

Give Virginia con­sumers, pol­i­cy­mak­ers and stake­hold­ers a visual tool to compare dynamic health and social data by county, color-coded for range.

The Solution

Lumi­nosa incorporated public data aggregated by GMU researchers into a new inter­ac­tive vir­tual map­ping pro­gram. These maps show crit­i­cal issues fac­ing the state, and are divided and color-coded into quartiles so users can see at a glance if a county places in the top, upper-middle, lower-middle or bottom of statewide results for the selected topic. Maps have links to pop-ups showing results for each county in the state and its numerical ranking.

The inter­face uses 4 tabs:

  • Demo­graphic Maps
  • Health Fac­tor Maps
  • Social Fac­tor Maps and
  • Crime Data Maps

Users can generate more than 100 dynamic maps on sub­jects rang­ing from a county’s rural pop­u­la­tion percentage to its fast-food restau­rant per­cent­age to its drunk-driving deaths. Fea­tures include cus­tom col­or­ing, cus­tom label­ing, and one-click exports of the maps and data.