Justice Health Library

Research map
In 2010 as an orig­i­nal par­tic­i­pant in the cre­ation of the Inter­na­tional Jus­tice Health Net­work, Lumi­nosa’s Jack Chirieleison joined international criminal justice healthcare professionals and leaders of The Cochrane Collaboration to explore ways to improve healthcare delivery to underserved populations worldwide. Researchers voiced their frustration at the imbalances in clinical research conducted among various populations.

The Challenge

Provide international health researchers and consumers a real-time view of where research is plentiful and where research is needed worldwide, letting them filter by medical condition, type/gender/age of population and stringency of the studies.

The Solution

Luminosa developed a pilot web appli­ca­tion to help researchers iden­tify geo­graphic areas that could ben­e­fit from increased research. The PHP-MySQL back end was part­nered with Fusion­Maps dynamic map­ping soft­ware and the Zotero open-source bib­li­o­graphic app to cre­ate a user-friendly inter­face with links to view pub­lished lit­er­a­ture from the global down to the state/province level. The initial deployment included data for four medical conditions but is easily expandable as data is collected.