Pathology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Pathology map
Although it is well-known that there is a significant need for increased pathology services in Africa, there is almost no published information on current capacity. To address the knowledge gap and to make the information easily accessible, researchers conducted a survey on pathology capacity and were looking for a way to share their findings easily.

The Challenge

Show global health practitioners and funders a real-time view of where pathology services are and are not available in Africa to identify areas of need and concentrate resources where they can have the most impact on outcomes.

The Solution

Working with Dr. Ann Nelson of the Walter Reed Joint Pathology Center and global health consultant Julia Royall, Luminosa developed a web appli­ca­tion to track the responses to an in-depth survey of pathologists in Africa. The PHP-MySQL back end was tied to Fusion­Maps and FusionCharts to cre­ate a user-friendly inter­face for creating exportable, highly-customizable real-time maps and graphs of a wide variety of data points. The maps allow easy open-access to information on pathology capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa and have been published on the African Strategies for Advancing Pathology website ( Data on research projects, cancer care and other programs will be added as it is obtained. An expanded mapping project is currently under review by several international agencies.