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There are good reasons that WordPress is far and away the most popular web site content management system on the planet: ease of use, customizability, and an incomparably rich set of extended functionality available through easy-to-add plug-ins or purpose-built coding. Constantly being improved by its worldwide community of open source developers, WordPress is a great choice for almost any kind of web site that would benefit from changing content.

Depending on your time and budget requirements, Luminosa can help you get a new WordPress site up and running in days. We can also We start with our partnership with an elite group of WordPress theme developers and customize from there, so you can be confident you’re not getting another cookie-cutter template with your company logo slapped on it. The big advantage of this partnership is the rigorous testing and updating of the underlying code by our partners, who are constantly updating in response to internet-wide security and compatibility issues.

Our WordPress sites always come with a user manual customized to your site and an affordable option of dedicated training for users. So updating your content will always be simple and straightforward, a job that can usually be done by people without specialized web skills.

A Word About Security

Maybe you’ve heard that WordPress presents security risks for web site owners. Sure it does. But so does any other web platform or design.

Experts agree the WordPress core is highly secure, and the size and commitment of its online development community are its greatest weapon in the ongoing internet security wars, countering vulnerabilities as rapidly as they are discovered. Security risks in WordPress are also minimized by knowledgeable developers using a well-defined set of protocols and a couple of specialized tools at our disposal. While any web site can be breached by a dedicated hacker with unlimited time and motivation, the odds are strongly in your favor if your site is built and maintained by developers who employ these protocols. Luminosa will never publish a WordPress site that doesn’t adhere to our 31-point security checklist.


Luminosa will also build your WordPress site to include automated backups, so if anything should go wrong with your site you can be up and running again in minutes. We also offer affordable monthly maintenance packages that include troubleshooting content and applying regular updates to WordPress and its plug-ins and themes.